Garth Levin | Wolverine

Mooseherd traveled out to Hood River, Oregon to meet and profile wildland firefighter Garth Levin.

Old Navy/PureWow | The Pixie Pant

Purewow - How To Eat a Cupcake

Everything that you know about cupcakes is wrong, wrong, wrong.

360i | Harlem Children's Zone

Digital agency 360i commissioned this short to announce their donation of a tech lab to the Harlem Children's Zone. We felt honored to spend time with this amazing organization.

Wolverine | Dorothea

Wolverine head designer Carrie Hill gave us a glimpse into her creative process, as she worked to bring an antique boot back to life. Sadly, the boot never made it to market, but the video lives on.

PureWow | 5 Ways: Pizza

Shot on location in our very own kitchen. We're not ashamed to say that we ate all of these pizzas after the shoot. They were delicious.

Wolverine 1883 Kindred Spirits Series - No. 001 - Ryan Greer

A studio visit with Ryan Greer, who we still think has the best looking dog we've ever seen in our lives. Seriously, that dog is better looking than most people we know.

Wolverine Kindred Spirits - Dave Kyrejko

There's really no place quite like Industry City Distillery, and the vodka is delicious.

Wolverine 1883 Kindred Spirits Series | Dana Tanamachi

Even Oprah thinks this lady is the coolest.

Wolverine FireZero Lightweight